A.F.S. produces or co-produces  hours of programs broadcasted every year all around the europe through our media partners . A.F.S.’s team are highly experienced in filming, editing and delivering programs. A.F.S. includes business teams that sell competitions rights (broadcast, Internet, mobile application).
Concerning the new media sector, A.F.S.’s teams (Digital Project Manager, Community Manager) connect websites and mobile operators all around the world. Connected on social networks, A.F.S. offers the opportunity to thousands fans to follow and comment champions’ performances. 1 000 journalists and  300 media covering A.F.S.’s events. Teams concerned by partnerships and press relations (Media Promotion Project Managers, Press Officers) are designing strong media plans in order to guarantee an optimal cover on each event.


For companies that want to present themselves innocently or indirectly through sports, connecting them with famous athletes, who are idols to a large number of people, our team offers them the opportunity to do so. Events organized or broadcast by AFS are right there.
AFSs marketing and partnership teams provide a comprehensive consultancy service, designing packages tailored to each type of event and assisting the partners involved in the various competitions as part of a win-win relationship.


We have gained a lot of experience in organizing many events since 1984. We have organized over 200 events in more than 10 countries, selects and implements the right logistical resources (human, equipment and material) to ensure the smooth running of its events. From the city centres or some of the world’s most beautiful mountains and beaches – AFS’s logistics services provide an effective solution to the constraints imposed by the itinerant nature of the majority of its events. Areas we cover: Accommodation & Transport, Infrastructure & Equipment, Broadcasting & Telecommunications, Security and Access Control, Promotion & Signage, Vehicle fleets and Insurance.


6 million spectators watch events organised by A.F.S. We make events interesting for audiences of all ages and genders. Events for children, young people, events for families, but also for the elderly. Our events are not only professional, but also for recreationists and amateurs. Our audience does not participate passively, but actively. We are proud of that.
We connect the audience and participants for the idols they admire and in that way we connect them to our events. Every year we sell over 1 million products.